Your Cross-Country House Move To SW17

Your Cross-Country House Move To SW17

26 August 2014

Facing a house move is one thing, but having to cross the whole country to reach your new home is another. Long-distance moves are quite challenging, because they require longer preparation, longer transportation and a higher budget. There are different moving scenarios that you can try when moving house to SW17 in London. Here are some of the things to consider.

Scenario One:

Drive to your own home in your own vehicle and have all your possessions shipped in a moving truck. There is increased likelihood for damage, but that’s the risk of trusting strangers with your belongings. You will need a reputable mover with a serious experience in cross-country relocations and full coverage. However, you can transport some of the most valuable items in your own vehicle and have a peace of mind about that at least.

Scenario Two:

Drive to London in your own car, and tow a trailer where your household possessions are loaded in boxes and wrapped safely. This option is not the safest one, because towing a heavy trailer will add a considerable strain to your vehicle. Moreover, you will need to travel much slower or you risk causing an accident on the road. This means a longer trip and most probably having to book a room in a hotel to rest.

Scenario Three:

Drive a rental moving truck where your possessions are loaded and tow your own vehicle. This is quite a safe option because you are in complete control of the transportation and there is less strain on your vehicle. You can stop more often to check for any issues inside the truck.

Scenario Four:

You can drive a rental truck to London with your possessions and have your vehicle shipped to the new location in the meantime. There will be less wear and tear on your own car, but a higher risk for it to be scratched or damaged during the shipping. Moreover, you might need a backup car at the new location in case yours takes a while to arrive.

Scenario Five:

Fly to your new destination with luggage of your absolute essential items, valuables, documents and certificates and have all other possessions and the car shipped to the new location. There is a risk that you arrive at the house before your possessions and this is also the most expensive option for a cross-country house move. However it could be the easiest way to move for your children.

There are other options to move house to London cross-country that are not listed here, so as long as you stay open-minded and creative about it, you can have an easy move, whether it’s a traditional one or not. Who’s to say how a house move should be done, when there are so many professional companies and service available these days? Or perhaps you have a friend with a truck that you can borrow or you could do a joint move with somebody else. Think about the safety of your belongings at all time. Consider which way of moving will be the easiest to organize and do if you are moving with children and pets. Research the prices for shipping and packing services and compare moving truck rental agencies.
Happy moving!

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