How to Celebrate your House Move to WC2

How to Celebrate your House Move to WC2

26 August 2014

So you’ve just moved to the London area of WC2 and you have managed successfully to shift your entire household? You really need to congratulate yourself on this achievement, as house moves may be a normal activity these days, but this doesn’t make them any less stressful or hard. In fact, a house move usually leads to a mixture of different emotions – ranging from frustration to anxiety, and from anticipation to excitement. If you’ve moved house in the search of a better life in London or you have received a great job opportunity, then the relocation will be more exciting for sure.

When you’ve just moved house there are many things you can do to celebrate the change. Start by purchasing some new furniture pieces for your home. Dedicate some time to turning the new house into a cozy and welcoming area for your family. Unpack and arrange the items in a new and more creative way – celebrating the change and the new things is essential for adapting. Don’t try to turn each room into a replica of the old rooms you’ve had – add some new colours, drapes, paintings and lights. Focus on the details – they are what make a home a true designer piece.

The next thing to do is host a housewarming party – make sure your home is arranged and unpacked as much as possible when you do so. Call your friends, relatives and even colleagues. It’s a great way to celebrate the new home and show it off. It’s also a way to say thank you to those who helped you with the moving process in some way. Prepare dishes with food and place them at various places so when your guests walk around the house they can help themselves. If you have a garden, use the opportunity to make some barbeque and enjoy the fresh air. You don’t have to prepare a large and formal meal, but instead focus on the variety of food and the jolly mood of the gathering. If you haven’t managed to unpack absolutely everything, move the boxes to one of the bedrooms and don’t leave them in the living room or hallway. Your guests will understand that it’s hard to unpack within a short period of time. However, make sure that you do a full house cleanup as this way your home will look even better.

If you think this is important you can conduct a simple dedication. It doesn’t even have to be religious, but it can make all the difference. Take photos with your friends and relatives to memorize this special day. Don’t forget to buy some fresh flowers for the celebration. Your guests will most probably bring you gifts and balloons, so you shouldn’t worry about adding too much decoration.

It’s great if you manage to get to know your new neighbors in the beginning. Why don’t you invite them on another day or simply go and say hello. If the neighbors come to you first, make sure you are polite and gracious. If you want to get used to the community and the area you need to be open to communication.

The first holidays at your new house will be extra special so invest in new decoration, lights, a holiday doormat – these little things will make all the difference.

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