Moving Home with Valuable Items

Moving Home with Valuable Items

26 August 2014

Moving home with a years and years of belongings is one thing, but add to that items of significant value or worth, and you’re in for a stressful and chaotic move. These items may be invaluable in terms of cost or sentiment and you want to ensure they’re in the best possible hands; here’s how:

A credible and reputable company

If you’re moving home with valuable items you want to ensure that your prizes possessions will be looked after expertly. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean financially valuable products or expensive antiques and fine art, even a sentimental piece of furniture will fill you with dread at the thought of being slung into the back of a van by rough-handed removal men. In reality, it’s really quite simple to ensure you are moving with a reputable company who will treat your valuable possessions with care and respect. For particularly valuable items such as antiques or fine art, you could look for a company which is experienced in moving similar objects. But with anything you are moving which is important to you, don’t be afraid to ask the companies’ experience in moving similar items. Ask for recommendations and reviews on moving items that are worth considerable amounts. A simple search online will find you online conversations and topics which will point you in the right direction of removal companies who are happy and willing to deal with such an intricate move.

Moving in is just as important as moving out. Be sure you’ve checked the logistics or moving such items in and out of both homes, and if in doubt, ask the professionals for some help in measurements.

Safety with insurance

When moving home you should only ever opt for removal services which are accredited with national organisations. The two main bodies are the National Association of Accredited Movers and the Storage and Removal Organisation. Checking every company and service you use are a member of these organisations means you can have peace of mind that such a company takes pride in their reputation. For valuable items it is also important to check that your home and contents insurance will cover any damage that may occur in transit. The best way to do this is to ask your provider and ask for written verification if it is. If not, and it more often won’t be, you need to ask what you can do to ensure it is. Your current company may be able to offer additional coverage for moving your possessions or you may have to look around for a company which will offer you insurance. It may well be an expensive option, but for peace of mind, and compensation if anything was to go wrong is completely invaluable.

Plan the day appropriately

If moving with valuable items it is imperative to plan the day accordingly. Perhaps you have chosen to move such items yourself or you are using a removal company to transport your things. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask for an extra trip to move those items of significant importance. You could leave these things in storage until the new home is in a little less chaos leaving you a safe and simple journey to move in expensive items, without the clutter and mayhem of those first few days. No matter what you choose, you will have to plan around your decision. You might need to book the van for a few extra hours on moving day, have a few extra trips, spend a few hours in the morning preparing or book storage space for a longer period of time. These plans and protocols will be a great benefit in the long run as you know you’re valuable items are safe and well, ready to decorate your new home.

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