Moving Your Business To A Prime Location

Moving Your Business To A Prime Location

26 August 2014

Every business owner wants a spot on the high-street with a lot of people walking by every day. It’s the best bet for businesses such as estate agencies, convenience stores and dry cleaners. The sorts of businesses where there are so many ones to choose from that location means everything. If you have a business which isn’t quite in the limelight, it’s a good idea to start looking for a location which will do your company justice. Moving to a more central location will give you more business with the same amount of effort. That logic seems to make sense, when you think about it.

Consider getting in touch with your local commercial removal firms, whether they are London office removals or somewhere else in the UK. Ask a range of companies for a removals quote from their office movers. Calling up a few should give you a good idea of the range and let you make an informed decision for your final selection. It’s a good first step to decide what you want to move and what you want to keep. If you are unsure, you could move some of the things you are maybe not going to need for a while (in the case of a shop, seasonal non-perishables, such as tinsel and hallowe’en masks) and then go and collect them when the time is right to sell. Obviously, it’s never a good idea to put perishables in self storage. Always keep enough room in the shop, whether on the shelves or in the back room, for these. If you don’t have enough room, it’s definitely time to consider moving shop.

For office removals, if you have stacks of flyers which you only give out at conferences, or big glossy displays only useful for exhibitions, consider renting a van and taking them to a local self storage facility or warehouse. This will free up a lot of space for the more current additions to the office you will want to make when you move somewhere more central. Before you call, you will need to have made the choice whether you want to store some things or throw them out. When you have some idea of the volume of items you need to transport, the removal company in question should definitely tell you which service would be best for you, based on the estimate you give them.

It’s best to gather a lot of information before moving office. Is this location going to pay off? Will you expand or downsize? Does this have a big enough window display or is it close enough to a popular residential area? Are there lots of shops / estate agencies here already? Will you have tough competition? There are a thousand considerations to make when moving business, which you have probably already thought about in depth if you are reading this article. Plenty of house movers will also offer office removals, it’s just a case of shopping around.

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