The DIY Approach to Sutton House Removals

The DIY Approach to Sutton House Removals

26 August 2014

To save a bit of money, moving house Sutton can be just as simple if you decide to do it yourself. Moving house without hiring help can seem difficult and a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Follow the simple steps in this guide and save some cash by doing your own removal to Sutton – stress free and on a budget.

Plan it
A good place to start is to work out how many items you will to move to your new Sutton location and what size vehicle you will need. Keep in mind any possible delays, so when timing your removal, try to free up as much time as possible and avoid cramming it into one day. If you have less stuff to move, a day is probably enough time. But if you have a large amount of goods to move to Sutton, perhaps consider taking a few days out to do a proper job.

Pack it
To make the most out of time, try to pack up your home as well in advance you can to avoid rushing the removal. Sometimes writing a list might help you, as you can then work by it and cross items off or keep track of what needs packing. This is a simple yet organised way to both pack and move, and can easily be applied to any move or trip you take that involves packing. To pack like a pro, try to remember to place heavier items such as books into the base of a box and continue to fill up with lighter pieces such as cushions and clothes. This will then protect your items as well as make the most out of any available space you have. Another good tip is to colour-code every box with its contents so you know which room it needs to go into when you unload the Sutton van.

Load it
A good way to load your vehicle is to put the heavier items to the front of the van. To avoid them moving, try tying them if possible. It’s vital you ensure nothing can move so place lighter boxes and objects higher up and stacked onto the heavier goods. A good way to protect any furniture you may be moving from damage, wear or tear is to cover them in blankets or sheets, for example. Also, try and make the most out of drawers if you can. A handy trick is to load a chest of drawers by removing the drawers and carrying them out separately. Once used as storage, push them against the side of your hired vehicle or van to avoid them coming open during the drive to your Sutton postcode.

Drive it
To avoid getting lost on the journey to your new Sutton home, ensure you have the address and know the journey. Take extra care when reversing the vehicle and make sure you have someone to both help you with any tricky manoeuvres and accompany you on the journey.

Unpack it
To unpack as simply as possible, place any boxes and furniture into the rooms they belong as carefully and safely as possible. Remember, you can research into removal health and safety in advance online or through reading materials. Once unloaded, try to unpack one room at a time and clear up as you go.

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