Why Hire Professional N1 House Movers?

Why Hire Professional N1 House Movers?

26 August 2014

There are so many things to get sorted when you are moving house, that it is rare that you’ll really be able to cope with all of the organization of the move, as well as the laborious task of getting everything put in to a van and moved to the new place, with all of the heavy lifting it involves. Much better to hire someone who knows what they are doing to get the job done safely and efficiently, so that you do not end up wasting anyone’s time, especially your own. The best way to make sure that your move goes smoothly is to get on with everything well in advance, and this is the same for finding your remover, as with advance booking comes the ability to make a careful decision, as well as potential discounts.

So, why hire professional N1 movers? The obvious reason would be because you do not have a team of bulky men at your disposal, at least we’d be surprised if you do, and hiring a removal team means that they are all trained, safe and organized in making sure that your things get moved on the day you need them to be. There is more to consider than just the manpower, these men will have a great deal of experience in the field of N1 removals, and it is important that you are aware of how important this can be, as when you take on a move there will be a load of things that had not even crossed your mind when you set out. For instance, do you know the best way to lift a sofa down a spiral staircase? Or the best route from London to Slough in heavy traffic? These are the things that most people would not even consider before they moved house, but having come up against various problems in their careers, the removers will be thinking about this kind of thing from the outset, so that they can deal with any problems when they arise.

So, removal men are experienced and thats great, but surely they are not worth the cost, especially if you have a few mates who could work it all out on the job? Perhaps, but is it worth the risk in finding out? With this experience comes a great deal of training in lifting and maneuvering things carefully, which is a great skill that is not learnt particularly easily. You will probably find that you neglect to do things like putting down plastic to protect your carpets, or keeping a spare bit of card to protect walls when moving larger bits and pieces through tight spaces, and it is this kind of thing that comes naturally to a removals team, as it is just their protocol. When you neglect these little additions, you will end up making a mess, whether messing up the carpets, or scraping the walls, or chipping the detailing around doors, it will all add up, and you will end up paying for the mistakes you have not protected against.

With this note comes the point of insurance. If you do the move yourself, and you drop a box containing your most valuable antique vase that your long passed mother gave you for a wedding present, and it breaks, then it is your fault. If a removals person drops it (and they are less likely to, because of their training) then at least you will be recompensed in monetary terms, even if the emotional loss is far greater.

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